The Holy Qur’ân

The  The Holy Quran

This translation is pure, simple, literal and faithful to the Arabic Text. There are no distracting footnotes and the translation is very easy to understand. The team of Muslim scholars who translated this work include the first woman to translate the Holy Qur’ân into English. This translation includes the original Arabic text, an extensive Subject Index, an eighty page Glossary, and an eloquent Introduction to the Holy Qur’ân.

This introduction discusses topics such as: Women in Islam Concept of Jihad (Holy War) One Religion: Interfaith Understanding The Religion of Peace Why The Holy Qur’ân was Revealed in the Arabic Language Language and Diction of the Holy Qur’ân Standards of the Correct Translation & Interpretation of the Holy Qur’ân. The Holy Qur’ân: Its Preservation and Arrangement Role of Reason in the Qur’ân This PAPERBACK EDITION is a must have for anyone interested in understanding Islam and the Holy Quran. The excellent paper quality make this an excellent gift. This translation is available in following format: Large Font Size Deluxe Edition isbn: 9780976697213 Deluxe Edition, isbn: 9780963206732 Deluxe English Translation only isbn: 9780976697244 Paperback English Translation only isbn: 9780976697220
A Scholarly Masterpiece
English Translation of Distinction
Engaging & AuthenticVery Faithful To The Arabic Text
Easy to Understand

Comprehensive Introduction (74 pages)
¨ Subject INDEX (50 pages)
¨ GLOSSARY (83 pages)
Hundreds of important Qur’ânic words explained,
in the light of classical Arabic Lexicons/Dictionaries

¨ Handsomely Produced
¨ Golden Page Edges
¨ Golden Foil Stamping
¨ Leather-Flex Binding
¨ Satin Ribbon Place Marker
¨ Hand Written Arabic Text
¨ Special Coated Paper
¨ 940 pages